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Don’t wait until your blocked drains turn into bigger problems – Clenston  can help! Whether you need drain unblocking, drain cleaning, or even emergency drain clearing services, we’ve got you covered.

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24/7 Emergency Drain Unblocking

Got a drain problem in the middle of the night? No problem. We understand that drain repair and drain unblocking needs don’t occur when it’s the right time of day. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency drainage services in Manchester. No matter the time of your emergency drainage service need, reach out to us and we’ll be over as soon as possible to have the issue fixed.

Domestic Drain Unblocking

Have your home’s drains become a massive headache? Are they interrupting and hindering your daily way of life? Let’s help get that sorted. We specialise in providing expert domestic drain unblocking Manchester residents depend on for exceptional results. Whether it’s a minor drainage issue or a large-scale one, we’ve got you covered. No blockage is too tough for us.

Commercial Drain Unblocking

Don’t risk shutdown because of a drainage block. Clenston Limited is the expert commercial drain unblocker Manchester companies rely on for fast and affordable commercial drainage services. Our company has helped several local businesses avoid disaster with our services. Don’t wait until your commercial drain block becomes something bigger.

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Manchester Drainage Experts

Are blocked drains backing up your plumbing? Don’t let clogged drains cause larger problems – you need a first-class drain unblocking solution. That’s where Clenston comes in, with decades of experience unblocking Manchester drains, we’ll make short work of any plumbing clog or issue you may be experiencing.

Our company strives to provide an exceptional drain unblocking service that’s second to none. Whether it’s our results or your experience with us, you can count on receiving nothing less than the best. What’s more, we understand that drain clogs don’t happen when it’s convenient for you. That’s why we also provide 24/7 emergency drain unblocking.

Benefits Of Choosing Clenston:

  • Free Quotes
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  • Fast & Reliable
  • Affordable & Competitive Pricing
  • Top-Notch Work Quality
  • We Get It Done Right
  • Trusted By Manchester Residents
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drain unblocking manchester

Our Services

Manchester Drainage Services

When you’ve got a drainage problem, it’s best not to wait until it’s out of control. Neglecting the clearing of your drains can lead to serious issues, like flooding and even pipe damage. Needless to say, these issues can yield costly repairs. We want to help you avoid any potential damage to your drainage system. Our team offers reliable and dependable drainage services Manchester residents depend on for superior results. Take a look below at our services to get started.

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Drain Unblocking

Avoid drain and pipe damage and get your drains unblocked now. Whether you need an outside drain unblocker, unblock kitchen sink, unblock shower drain, or any other type of drain blockage, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you avoid costly repairs with our reliable and dependable drain unblocking. Simply give us a call and you’ll see why we’re considered the best drain unblocking Manchester has to offer.


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Drain Cleaning

Even if you’ve had a drain unblocked, it’s still ideal to have your drains thoroughly cleaned. Neglecting the cleaning of your drains can cause blocking to return quickly. Additionally, unclean drains harbor tons of bacteria and grime that can be harmful to your health if left unchecked. Why risk damage to your home and ill-effects to your personal health? We’ll get your drains cleaned in no time when you opt for our drain cleaning service.


cctv drain survey manchester

CCTV Drain Survey

CCTV drain surveys are important for diagnosing possible unseen issues with your drains. Whether it’s a kitchen sink drain or a sewage line, our high-spec equipment can pinpoint and identify possible problems with your drain’s interior. We utilize high-quality CCTV gear to conduct drain surveys, giving us a crystal-clear view of the drain’s interior condition. Why wait? We can help you avoid repair costs today with a CCTV drain survey.


drain jetting manchester

Drain Jetting

Got a stubborn block that won’t seem to go away? No problem. Our drain jetting service is great for completely removing stubborn substances like oil and gunk from your drains. Utilizing a state-of-the-art drain jetting system, we’ll have your drains running like they did the day they were first installed. If you have a drain blockage that won’t go away, don’t wait until it turns into a bigger problem – get in touch with us for your free drain jetting estimate.


drain repair manchester

Drain Repair

At some point or another, you’ll have to have a drain repaired. Even with proper drain cleaning, materials break down over time. Thankfully, Clenston provides stellar drain repair services in Manchester. Whether it’s an easy-to-access drain or a more difficult one, we’ve got you covered. With competitive pricing and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best drain repair Manchester has to offer when you hire us.


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Our Reviews

Customer Testimonials

If you’re looking for the best drain unblocker in Manchester, look no further than us. With decades of experience under our belts, we’ve helped countless Manchester residents clear blocked drains, avoid costly repairs, and restore comfort and balance to their lives. We pride ourselves on providing nothing less than exceptional customer service, and it shows in our feedback. Don’t just take our word for it though – have a look at what some of our happy customers have to say about our services.

Jacqueline Y. Manchester

Brilliant service, even over Christmas. Mick arrived on time and called ahead to let us know he was coming. He unblocked our very very blocked toilet drain and left everything really clean. Would definitely recommend and will use again for any drainage issues.

Dresdan E. Manchester

Great service, came within 2 hours and sorted the problem in 5 minutes. don’t bother with the expensive companies like dyno rod get these guys instead, reasonable priced, and with 30 years’ of experience they won’t rip you off.

Eva M. Manchester

…All 7 of the drains were in a terrible state. Tree roots growing into them and full of soil. Clenston came on time… No time wasting all drains cleaned and jetted in the time he had estimated to me at a reasonably price… I am a happy customer.

Why Choose Us?

Drain Unblocking Services Manchester Can Trust 

When it comes to unblocking drains in your home or business, you want to be sure the company you’re hiring is not only reputable, but dependable, too. That’s where we come in, the team here at Clenston pride themselves on providing a superior drain unblocking service that’s top-class.

What makes us the best choice as your drain unblocker? It’s simple: quality. Whether you have a blocked drain outside and need an outdoor drain unblocker, or have a blocked kitchen or bathroom drain, we devote 100% of our effort to providing a service that’s unmatched in our industry.

Blocked drains are nothing to toy around with. Why leave it in the hands of just anyone? Regardless of your service need, you can expect nothing other than high-quality results when you choose us for your drain unblocking.

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Our process

Techniques Used in Drain Unblocking

Before looking into the specifics of how professionals unblock drains, it’s important for you to understand the various techniques we employ. These methods are both efficient and effective, ensuring your drains are cleared without causing any damage.

The first technique is the use of high-pressure water jetting. This is a powerful method that blasts water through the drain to dislodge and remove blockages. For more stubborn clogs, a method called rodding is used. This involves inserting a flexible rod into the drain to physically push the blockage out.

Now, let’s look at these techniques in a more detailed manner:

Technique Description
High-Pressure Water Jetting A forceful stream of water is used to dislodge blockages.
Rodding A flexible rod is inserted into the drain to physically remove the blockage.
Drain Snaking A coiled snake is used to break up the clog.
Drain Rooting A sharp tool is used to cut through tree roots.
CCTV Drain Surveys A camera is used to inspect the drain and identify the blockage.

drainage service manchester

Dependable Drainage Unblocking Services

Unlike other drainage service companies, you can count on us to be there when we say we will. We've spent decades building a reputation as the most dependable drainage service Manchester has to offer, and it's because we take your drainage service needs seriously.

Customer Focused

To us, our customers aren't just another number in the books. We treat each customer with the care and respect they deserve. Additionally, we treat each drain unblocking job as a top priority. Our goal is to help you return to your normal, blockage-free way of life in a matter of no time.

24/7 Drain Services

Drainage issues don't pop up when it's convenient for you. We understand that, sometimes, a drain can go bad in the middle of the night. That's why we offer 24/7 emergency drain unblocking and repair services. Just give us a ring and we'll be right over to get it remedied.

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Drain Unblocking Near Me

Got a problem drain that’s interrupting your daily life? Don’t wait until it turns into a larger issue. If you’re in the Manchester area and need reliable drain unblocking services, get in touch with us today. We can help you eliminate any blocked drains and even clean and restore your current drainage system.

Clenston has been in business since 1991. Since that time, we’ve helped countless Manchester residents and commercial entities alleviate themselves from the nagging headaches that drains can cause. When you hire us for your drain clearing job, you can expect nothing less than top-tier treatment.

The best way to get started is to reach out to us for an estimate. The quickest way to receive your estimate is to contact us by phone. However, we also accept online enquiries. Simply contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.