A blocked, clogged or damaged drain can cause you and your family considerable distress and discomfort. This is due to the inconvenience of being unable to use vital amenities in your home, not to mention the possibility of awful smells wafting from damaged plumbing. It is this reason that has made CCTV drain survey Whitefield, Bury a popular choice for many home owners and developers.

What Is CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey involves the placement of a high-tech camera into the storm drain or sewer line in question so as to determine its interior condition. Our CCTV drain survey Whitefield, Bury engineers have a range of high-spec equipment and the skills and experience to inspect all types and sizes of pipes for blockage or damage.

Avoid Destruction of Lawns and Gardens

CCTV drain surveys are far cheaper and easier than digging up entire sections of ground to expose and break into a drain. The ease of use of CCTV drain survey Whitefield, Bury, as well as its non-destructive nature when used on lawns and gardens makes it the preferred method of discovering possible structural defects. A CCTV survey is useful in investigating a variety of conditions ranging from blockage and clogging to subsidence and any other structural movement.

Conformity with Industry Quality Standards

We always guarantee our customers the highest quality of service, and have the certification to back it up. All the key members of our CCTV drain survey Whitefield, Bury survey team are OS20X trained and certified; OS20X is a standard set up by Water Training for the CCTV drain survey industry. It provides a benchmark for CCTV survey reporting according to recognized industry standards.

CCTV Survey for Home Buyers

A comprehensive survey of the plumbing and drains by people looking to buy a new home is vital. This is because, if you choose to buy a house and later discover defects in the drain or sewer system, it can be extremely difficult to get your insurer to foot the bill for work done on pre-existing drainage problems. It also means that you can subtract the cost of repairs from the price of the house.

Having CCTV drain survey Whitefield, Bury carry out a survey of your drain system can lead to big savings on repair costs. This is because our comprehensive reports enable you to approach your contractor, confident in the knowledge of what needs to be fixed and be able to negotiate a fair price